My prices are oriented toward the amount of work the translation or the editing of your text demands. Please note that the fee is calculated according to the amount of symbols in the text. For this reason, I do not calculate my rates per word or per page.

My current basic rates are as follows:

Translation rates

€1.00 for a standard line of 55 symbols (with spaces)


A text contains 20,000 symbols: (20,000/55) * 1.00 = €363.64

Copy-editing rates

€0.35 for a standard line 55 symbols (including spaces)


A text contains 20,000 symbols: (20,000/55) * 0.35 = €127

Proofreading rates

€0.25 for a standard line of 55 symbols (including spaces)


A text contains 20,000 symbols: (20,000/55) * 0.25 = €90.50

Furthermore, the above prices may be subject to change if the amount of time I need to accomplish a job. Often, I’m willing to reduce the price because the text is less demanding than initially expected. If a text turns out to be particularly time-consuming, then the final price could be somewhat higher than expected, but this is rarely the case.

As of yet, I don’t charge additionally for urgent requests and these are usually accepted. What I do consider here, however, is that I have sufficient time to accomplish the task to my own professional satisfaction.

Special rates

Under certain special circumstances, I am willing to deviate from these standard prices to accommodate your budget. This is especially the case if I am interested in supporting your work. Please contact me if you believe this pertains to you and I’ll gladly discuss the terms of collaboration for your case.

Bibliography / Citations

The price for the revision of a bibliography and citations is included in the price for the proofreading / copy-editing of a text. However, if a client only wants their bibliography and citations revised, this is possible; in this case, I use the price of copy-editing as a guideline.

Minimum price

The minimum price for an order is 30 euros. This is due to the time I need to communicate with my clients and to clear up possible questions, which tends to be disproportionate for small orders. However, if you have more than one text that needs editing or translating, then I’ll be glad to wait until the series of jobs is completed before sending you my invoice; in this case, the price for the individual assignment may be less than 30 euros.