My services

Translation German > English, Spanish > English

My personal goal as a translator is to make your text as readable and sound as natural as possible. In other words, it shouldn’t sound like a translation! This of course means not translating word for word, but rather translating bearing in mind sense and context. This is a painstaking task, yet as a native English speaker with a lot of experience, I am confident that I can write your text so that it lives up to its potential!

Copy-editing / Proofreading

There are two possibilities as far as a text already written in English is concerned. The first is copy-editing, where I check not only grammar, but also style. Here, as with translation, the goal is to get your text to sound as natural and “English” as possible. Depending on the author’s wishes, I can include a revision of the text’s formatting as well.

The second option is proofreading. In this case, I simply revise your text to make sure that it is correct. While I may make a comment here and there if something sounds very odd or might have an unwanted association, I refrain from improving the style of the text.

Revision of bibliography and citations

I also offer the revision of bibliographies and citations in order to make sure that everything is consistent. While this does not include researching the author’s sources, I do comment on citations that might need to be double-checked.

My areas of expertise

  • Latin American Studies
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Economy
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Pedagogy and Education