My services

Whether it is translation, copy editing or proofreading you need, I can help! I have experience with papers directed toward an academic readership and texts meant for the general public. I have also translated and edited PhD dissertations, Bachelor’s and Master’s theses as well as scientific books, essays, and website texts. Furthermore, I can accommodate both UK and US writing conventions.

For more details about my services, please have a look at the descriptions below.

Translation German > English, Spanish > English

My goal as a translator is to make your text as readable and sound as natural as possible. After all, it shouldn’t sound like a translation! This of course means not simply writing your text with correct English grammar, but translating it according to the context. While this is a painstaking task which, depending on the manuscript, can require quite a bit of interpretation, I am confident that I can translate your text so that it lives up to its potential.

Proofreading vs. Copy Editing

Seeing as academia and many areas of the economy require a higher level of English, many academics and others working in the private sector might already have written their texts in English. If you have already written your text in English, there are two possible services I can offer to you:

The first option is proofreading. In this case, I simply revise your English grammar and vocabulary usage to make sure that it is correct. While I may make a comment here and there if something sounds odd or might have an unwanted association, I refrain from generally improving the style of the text. If you are interested in stylistic revisions as well, then I recommend my copy editing service.

In copy editing, I check not only grammar, but also style. Here, as with translation, the goal is to get your text to sound as natural and “English” as possible. Depending on the author’s wishes, a revision of the text’s formatting can be included in the editing process as well.

Revision of bibliography and citations

I also offer the revision of bibliographies and citations in order to make sure that everything is consistent. While this does not include researching the author’s sources, I do comment on citations that might need to be double-checked.

My areas of expertise

  • Latin American Studies
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Economy
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Pedagogy and Education
  • Music