Who am I and how I work

Who am I

My name is Clay Johnson. I come from Phoenix, Arizona in the United States, but I’ve been based in Berlin since 2011. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in German and History, as well as a minor in Psychology, and a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies. English is my native language and I have years of experience translating from German and Spanish into English as well as editing academic texts. Since 2008 I have been teaching English as a foreign language to adults and children in Poland, Honduras and Germany. I am particularly interested in the sociology, political science, history, psychology, pedagogy and education.

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How I work

I read every text that I receive thoroughly. If I don’t understand something, I ask questions. Not only that, if there is something that appears to be confusing or unclear in the text, I leave comments for the author. On top of that, in the case of copy-editing, I make suggestions if I think that another expression would be more fitting. I read and reread: in the case of copy-editing and proofreading, I read a text three times. In the case of translations, I reread my own translation three times– once directly after it has been translated and twice more later. I prefer to do these later revisions on different days so that I always look at the text with a fresh mind. This reduces the possibility that small errors have snuck their way into the text. Nevertheless, I am only human and can make mistakes, in particular when interpreting difficult passages of a text. Therefore, I am always ready to answer questions about my work and to consider your suggestions. In this way, I strive to always offer my clients a reliable service!