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For better or for worse, English has become the de facto lingua franca. While this fact does offer possibilities of communication that would be difficult to attain without a common language, much of the communication that takes place in English leaves much to be desired. All too often, English grammar mistakes and awkward phrasing find their way into otherwise professional texts written by non-native speakers. If you want your work to be taken seriously by other professionals and especially in the English-speaking world, your documents will need to be written not only in correct, but also natural sounding English. My proposal as a native English-speaking translator and copy editor/proofreader is to assist you in reaching that goal. Whether it is the translation of a German or Spanish text or the revision of a manuscript already written in English, I’m here to help you in speaking to your audience professionally! My experience includes translating, copy editing and proofreading a range of documents, including academic books, academic journal articles, business advertising and more! The following should help you get a better picture of the services I can provide to you.

My services

I offer translation (German>English, Spanish>English), editing and proofreading. See more>>

About me

I am a History and Latin American Studies graduate with more than five years of experience in editing, proofreading and translating in a variety of areas. See more>>

How I work

I always carry out my work thoroughly and conscientiously. See more>>


My prices are based on the service requested, the length of the text and the time required to complete the job. See more>>


My clients are satisfied with my services. See more>>


I have experience with papers directed toward an academic readership as well as texts meant for the general public. See more>>

Contact me

In order to help me get an idea of your paper and what you require, please consider the following questions: How long is your text? By what date do you need the revised document from me? Who is your audience? Is the text an academic paper, a speech, etc.? What is your desired/required spelling/punctuation style (UK/USA)? If you would like me to translate or check translations: which citation style are you required to use? In addition to answers to these questions, I will also require an extract of the text of at least a page so that I can judge whether I can accept the assignment and how demanding the text will be. Feel free to send me the entire text if you have it. When sending the text, I ask you to indicate whether it is just a draft or whether you will still need to tailor it before I begin working on it. Also, if you have a list of publisher’s requirements, please send this along with your text so that I can consider them from the outset. The same goes for any reference material for your paper (texts in the same field, a glossary, etc.) that you may have.

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Expertise in

Latin American Studies, Sociology, Political Science, Economy, History, Psychology, Pedagogy, Education and Music

lingua a lingua clay johnson English proofreading and editing services

Copy-editing and proofreading

I make sure that the grammar, punctuation and style in your English text are appropriate

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Do you need to translate your text into English? No problem, I can do it for you! I translate from Spanish and German