This is what my clients have said about my work:

Clay Johnson has a demonstrated mastery of the German language. During his MA program at the Institute for Latin American Studies of the Freie Universität Berlin, he was able to gain in-depth insight into and conduct his own research in the social sciences, including for example sociology, economics, politics and literary studies. His particular training and language abilities are felt on all levels of his translation work. In the texts that he has translated for me, he has shown that he can not only translate the complexity of terminology from German social theory into English, but can also create a flowing text. My experience shows: Clay Johnson’s translations are reliable and excellent.

Dr. Guilherme Leite Gonçalves (Professor, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ))

Since 2014, Clay Johnson has translated from Spanish and German into English several articles of mine and colleagues in the field of humanities and social sciences. The results have been excellent both in terms of quality and concerning his punctuality and reliability. He is also an outstanding proofreader.

Dr. Sérgio Costa (Professor, Freie Universität Berlin)

I have worked repeatedly with Clay Johnson, outsourcing translation work (German-English) to him. His service was always punctual, efficient and highly professional, communication with him was always clear and fair. I would gladly recommend him anytime.

Dr. Thilo Papacek  (GegenStrömung / INFOE e.V.)

I worked with Clay on multiple occasions, both as a colleague and as a client. In addition to his formidable language skills, he is very organized, reliable and thoughtful. He has a way with words and goes to great lengths to provide precise, accurate translations.

Dr. Iasmin Goes (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Clay is an excellent professional, I am more than satisfied with his translation of an article in German that I requested. I recommend him 100%!

Henrique Gomide (Jazz pianist, Caixa Cubo Trio)

I am satisfied with Clay Johnson’s work because he was easily accessible, reliable, quick, and, of course, good. He has done meticulous work both in proofreading and editing.

Dr. Renata Campos Motta  (Professor, Freie Universität Berlin)

When working with Clay, you know that your docs are in good hands. He is dedicated, comes up with new ideas and double-checks if things are not so clear in the original text. Furthermore, he is really a nice fellow. I highly recommend working with him!

Stephan Franz  (Bürof)

Excellent command of academic language in the social sciences/humanities; highly skilled in translating complex arguments and concepts; fast services.

Dr. Nicolas Wasser (Maria Sibylla Merian Centre Conviviality-Inequality in Latin America)

Finding the right person to read over your papers is not easy. Besides being a native speaker, it should be someone with experience proofreading and editing academic texts, and ideally, with expertise in your field of work. In my case and as a sociologist, Clay met all those requirements. In addition, he is always open for further questions and clarifications, willing to make an extra effort for your text to be clear and sound as natural as possible.

Dr. Raquel Rojas Scheffer (Freie Universität Berlin)

Clay Johnson reviewed my projects and letters in English, sent to Graduate Programs I applied for in the area of sociology. He performed high qualitative work, meeting deadlines and mastering academic language, as well as the specific sociological terminology I needed. Not only that, Clay is very kind and reliable, and I am grateful for his assistance.

Dr. Lia de Mattos Rocha (Professor, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ))

To look for a translator being a musician is such a crucial point when translating material, but especially press articles. Clay was recommended to me by a great musician and in a short time, I knew why. Our first work was the translation of a very special article from the Frankfurter Allgemein. Clay suggested to me some options for a very specific expression used by the writer. It just really got the point across in English as well. Now he has been working on texts that I wrote and again there is such a healthy exchange on the material between us. I would definitely highly recommend his work, expertise and the fine feeling.

Juliana da Silva (Jazz singer, Jazzkeller Frankfurt)

Clay Johnson has shown his skill with the revision of academic English language but also of professional editing. That means his background in the social sciences gives him the knowledge to deal with the complexities of social theory in terms of how it is expressed and of how arguments develop. Editing is tricky business, and Clay has revised my texts with true respect for their content and my style as well as a sharp eye for how to make them clearer. I highly recommend his professional services.

Dr. José Maurício Domingues (Professor, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ))

I strongly recommend working with Clay. As proofreader of my research monograph, he was not only reliable and punctual, but also flexible in cases of re-scheduled deadlines. He has an unparalleled sensitivity for language, and his excellent and detailed help undoubtedly turned my monograph into a better work.

Dr. Fabio Heupel Santos (Freie Universität Berlin)